Mail till Frank McHardy

Idag skickade jag iväg nedanstående mail till Mr Frank McHardy. Frank har alltid varit vår kontaktperson när det gäller vår whisky på Spingbank. Jag hoppas att jag får tag ihonom och att han kan underlätta vår vistelse i Campbeltown. Tummarna kan man alltid hålla.

MALTE flaskor

Dear Frank McHardy

I hope you remember the whiskyclub MALTE from Sweden. We had a cask at Springbank distellery during 11 years. We were ten members in Malte. The older persons in the club met you when they picked up some of the bottles. We are very happy that we choosed whisky from Springbank. We have had many nice moments with this nice dram.

The 5th of June will the younger five of us , be visiting Sprinbank. Do you have a nice tour for us that you can recomend for the former caskowners ?

I who write these words are the son of Christer Ohlsson, the founder om the whiskyclub MALTE. I`m sorry to inform you that he pasted away last year.

We have whiskymeetings four times a year. I also have a blogg where I write about our meetings and diffrent things about whisky. I write in swedish but of cource there is always google translate.

I look forward to hear from you soon with some idees how we can experience Campbeltown in general and the Springbank distellery in particular.

Best Regards

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